Movement show

Directed by Andrey Shchukin

The movement shows have proved themselves as hallmarks of the Vakhtangov School. This show appears practically every year edited by new ideas of the students, it becomes the brightest point of the repertoire straight away and gains popularity very quickly.

Everything began rather boringly - a student should be able to see that an inanimate thing can be alive, they should develop their imagination. The exercises on "Work with an object" of The Stage Movement Department are devised speciаlly for this. The idea of such exercises is to make an object a main character of a story, an excuse for a conversation or just a leaving creature. An object can be a piece of rope, a chair, a rubber ring, a hanger, a stick, knives et cetera.

The show consists of a few independent numbers each of which is based on the work with object. A story is made up for them, light, music and costumes are chosen. As a whole it turns into an action full of virtuosity, dexterity, youthfulness and beauty.

A movement show is always expectation of miracle.