Diploma performances in the end of the program of The Vakhtangov School appeared in 1939. Two years before that - in 1937 - the new building in the style of constructivism was built. There was a wonderfully equipped Student Theatre in it.

Student Theatre today is a department of the institute the staff of which is a team of professionals: stage designers, make up designers, costume designers, sound, light and machinery technicians...They all do diploma performances together with the directors. During many years our Student Theatre keeps traditions that were brought into The Vakhtangov School by the older generation of the Vakhtangov actors. For instance, it's first year students ' duty to take care of the fourth year students' shows.

The diploma performances are aimed at revealing creative individuality of every student. Most of the shows achieve this goal brilliantly. A lot of very well prepared young actors demonstrate their skills to the audience.

In the very rich history of The Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute there are examples of how genuinely outstanding shows were born on our stage. "All Moscow" wanted to watch them.

The repertoire of the Student Theatre is renewed every year. Every group of students play Russian and foreign plays, musicals, vaude-villes and operettas.

Today the School is full of creative energy just as in time when the great actors of The Vakhtangov Theatre were teachers here.